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Helping the For Sale By Owner

Deciding to sell your home without the assistance of a real estate professional is often more of a financial decision than an emotional one. Sue O’Kane is here to help you--there is a way for you to work together at no cost to you! Let's start with these FREE reports. They are informative and helpful, please take advantage of them.


Then, check out Sue's no-obligation Comparable Market Analysis.  All you have to do is request the data by clicking on her name below. She'll obligation, no hassles, NO KIDDING!



FSBO-Are You Sure?

FSBO-Forms You'll Need

FSBO-Servicers You'll Need

FSBO-Qualifying Buyers

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FSBO-Make Your Home Salable


Did you know there may be a way for agents and FSBOs to work together?
Contact Sue O’Kane and she will tell you how.